Extension of the Digital Inclusion card game: additional character cards


Are you already familiar with the Digital Inclusion card game of the Knowledge Centre Data & Society? This tool is for anyone who wants to know more about digital exclusion mechanisms or who wants to test their own digital services or products against a set of characters (persona) who each experience their own specific thresholds. This way, you can check whether your product or service is really accessible and user-friendly!

The card game was recently extended with some new character cards (persona). This way, you can better test your digital service or product on accessibility and user-friendliness. Download the new character cards and the complete card game (including manual!) and discuss with your design team how you can further improve your product or service.

Why new character cards?

During the presentation of the card game and a number of workshops in which we used the card game, we were told that the card game consisted of too few character cards that mainly experience thresholds with regard to accessing digital services and products.

Therefore, we developed four additional profile cards together with Mediawijs, the Knowledge Centre for Digital and Media Literacy, and the INDIMO project, which aims to extend the benefits of digitally connected transport systems for people who experience barriers with accessing and using such systems.

The Digital Inclusion card game now contains 20 character cards, 20 situation cards, 1 blank route card and 1 blank solution card. For more information about the card game and the different cards, click here.

Is there still a specific character card missing for you? Are you thinking of a particular profile that you come into contact with at work and it is not included in these 20 character cards? Don't worry, you'll find a blank character (and situation) card in the deck so you can add this character yourself.

Have fun playing!