brAInfood: What does transparent AI mean?

Date of publication: October 2021 /

What is this brAInfood about?

Transparency about the data or AI system is an important factor in creating trust in the system. Only when end-users consider the system reliable will they also want to use it.

But what exactly does transparency mean, how can you apply it and show your end users that you have taken it into account? Read more about this in this brAInfood of the Knowledge Centre Data & Society.

This brAInfood is a derivative of the Policy Brief 'Clarifying transparency in innovation projects' from the authors Jonne Van Belle, Michiel Vaes, Rob Heyman, and Sophie Meszaros. By means of a Policy Brief, researchers connected to imec-SMIT Vrije Universiteit Brussel and imec share their research results and provide recommendations for relevant stakeholders.

Why should I read this?

The brAInfood is designed for everyone involved in the development process of data or AI systems. The document explains how to build transparency into a system using user research methodologies.

What can I find out when reading this?

This brAInfood gives you insight into:

  • the importance of transparent data and AI systems;
  • various types of transparency;
  • some methodologies for determining the desired type of transparency;
  • the advantages and disadvantages of too little or too much transparency.

With brAInfood, the Knowledge Centre Data & Society wants to provide easily accessible information about artificial intelligence. brAInfood is available under a CC BY 4.0 license, which means that you can reuse and remix this material, provided that you credit us as the source.