Webinar: How to take into account ethics and regulations in a project proposal on AI? {in Dutch only}


Are you working on a research proposal on AI, but don't know how to take ethics and regulations into account? Learn more about this in this webinar, organised in cooperation with VLAIO. We give you the most important tip: show in your proposal that these topics are an important part of your project.

Learning objective(s) of the course

  • Practical tips and tricks for writing a good project proposal on AI.

What we do

This webinar {in Dutch} was given on 16 June 2020 by Rob Heyman (Knowledge Centre Data & Society) in collaboration with VLAIO. The recording of this webinar can be viewed again on the YouTube channel of the Knowledge Centre. Below, you can find the slides {in Dutch} of the webinar. Would you rather read a short summary of the webinar? We wrote a blogpost {in Dutch} about the webinar.

Time and costs

40 minutes, completely free to watch the webinar.


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