DIY workshop

DIY workshop: Identifying AI Blindspots in a healthcare context


You want to do a scan of a new data or AI application that will be used in your healthcare institution. You want to focus mainly on the ethical, legal and social challenges of this application. But how do you start such a scan/test?

Outcome of the workshop

  • You have identified a list of possible challenges and you know how (and with whom) to investigate them further;
  • You know some methods and tools to tackle the challenges.

What you do

We developed, together with VIVES University College, a roadmap so that you can run your own workshop in which you and your team identify the ethical, legal, and societal challenges of a data or AI application in your healthcare setting. The script contains a detailed step-by-step plan for organising and facilitating the workshop. It includes preparation, recommended methodologies, and anticipated timing.

The script gives you something to hold on to: you can follow it letter by letter or adapt it according to your wishes. Good luck!

What we can do

Would you rather have a Data & Society Knowledge Centre staff member facilitate the workshop in your care institution? Then that is certainly possible. Contact us and together we will look at your question in more detail and adapt the script where necessary.

Time and costs

Workshop of two to three hours, preferably with a multidisciplinary team present.


AI Blindspots healthcare cards

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