brAInfood: Algorithmic news selection

What is this brAInfood about?

Flemish people increasingly look for news online via websites and apps. This form of news consumption has even become more popular than the traditional print newspaper. News media are confronted with strong competition from social media platforms. These work with algorithms that provide their users with a personalised selection of content. Personalised news selection via news algorithms is now also increasingly being introduced in traditional media platforms. These news algorithms can influence the way citizens are informed.

Why should I read this?

Algorithmic news selection is growing rapidly. It offers the news consumer the advantage of a personalised service, but there are also risks involved. This brAInfood explains what the risks are and how you and the news media can counter them.

What can I find out when reading this?

This brAInfood gives you insight into:

  • how algorithmic news selection works;
  • what the impact can be, and;
  • what possibilities news consumers the media have for dealing with algorithmic news selection.

With brAInfood, the Knowledge Centre Data & Society wants to provide easily accessible information about artificial intelligence. brAInfood is available under a CC BY 4.0 license, which means that you can reuse and remix this material, provided that you credit us as the source.