Learning Community: AI and ethics, how do you do it?

14.12.2022 — 15:30‐19:00

Launch Learning Community 'AI and Ethics in practice'

When you hear the term artificial intelligence, is your main concern what can go wrong when you deploy the technology? Do you know the ethical dangers of AI, but are unsure how to anticipate them in your AI or data-driven project? You are not alone!

Many organisations are aware of the ethical and legal pitfalls involved in AI-related innovation. But in practice, it remains a struggle to make those concerns part of your operations, and how you can address them.

The Knowledge Centre Data & Society is launching a Learning Community 'AI and ethics in practice' to stimulate knowledge sharing between ethics officers, digital ethicists, AI ethics officers, and other professionals who are either directly or indirectly concerned with the subject. On 14 December, the Knowledge Centre will launch this Learning Community, inviting everyone who encounters ethical challenges related to data-driven applications and AI in their professional practice. Together, we will share practical experiences and look for practical advice and solutions.


  • 15h30: welcome speech
  • 15:40: keynote speaker: Douwe Schmidt (Project Manager Public Tech at City of Amsterdam)
  • 16h00: learning community 'AI and ethics in practice'
  • 16h20: co-creation and discussion around ideas for and objectives of the learning network
  • 17h00: open stage 'How are you currently tackling ethics in practice?'
  • 17h30: networking drinks
  • 19h: end

The event will be in English.

Registration Deadline: 9th December eob.

Room De Blauwe Vogel, De Krook, Miriam Makebaplein 1, 9000 Ghent