The Knowledge Centre Data & Society is the central hub for the legal, social and ethical aspects of data-driven and AI applications.

The Knowledge Centre brings together knowledge and experience on this topic tailored to industry, policy, civil society and the general public. Specifically, this includes:

  1. Disseminating information and knowledge on the ethical, legal and social aspects of data-driven applications and AI. All publications are made publicly available and aim to create a positive and proactive effect between these innovations and our society.

  2. Promoting structural initiatives that strengthen vision development and valorise the social and economic opportunities of data-driven applications and AI among governments, industry and other social actors.

  3. Stimulating public awareness and debate on the pros & cons and the social, ethical and legal aspects of data-driven applications and AI, in all layers of society.

  4. Building and supporting a network and learning environment for stakeholders, and strengthening collaboration between different policy levels and actors.

  5. Contributing to the development of legal frameworks and guidelines on the use and framing of AI and data-driven applications for policy makers, businesses, organisations and employees.

The Knowledge Centre Data & Society is part of the third track of the Flemish AI Plan, namely flanking policies aimed at raising awareness, training and ethical framework.

The activities of the Knowledge Centre include:

  1. Outreach: informing target groups and involving advisory groups in the various activities of the Knowledge Centre.

  2. Network and learning environment: creation and publication of tools, (tailored) workshops and assessments, methods and guides on the responsible use of data-driven applications and AI.

  3. Policy monitor: providing an overview and guide in the growing range of policy initiatives and legislative frameworks around data and AI at the Flemish, Belgian, European and international levels.

  4. Perception and acceptance of data and AI: monitoring attitudes of Flemish citizens towards context-specific AI applications (the use of AI in specific sectors or for specific purposes).

  5. Co-creation of advice, guidelines and tools: developing advice, guidelines and tools together with stakeholders.

Each year, the Knowledge Centre translates these activities into a specific annual plan, tailored to the needs at that time.