The Knowledge Centre Data & Society has a broad mission and broad spectrum of activities. We work at the interface of AI, data and societal issues, for those working on these issues in business, policy, civil society and the general public.

Below is a summary of our specific services. We offer an overview of how we deal with specific and concrete requests for advice, training, process guidance, lectures and workshops.

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Ad hoc questions and advice

An organisation can approach the Knowledge Centre for advice on social aspects in an innovation, development or implementation process. However, because the Knowledge Centre cannot answer all individual questions, the following procedure applies to determine whether support can be provided.

  1. First, we examine whether the question matches our assignments. We specifically consider whether we have expertise on the issue and whether the question fits with our assignments. If this is not the case, we will reject the question.

  2. Next, we will check whether it concerns individual consultancy. After all, the Knowledge Centre applies the principle of reusability and publishability: even if it concerns ad hoc support or advice, our answer must be more widely publishable and reusable for the sectors and/or policy domains to which our stakeholders belong.

  3. Finally, the following factors are also taken into account:

    1. Is there a reasonable timeframe for delivering the ad hoc support? If the Knowledge Centre is given less than 5 working days to prepare a response, we cannot respond to the request.

    2. The workload of the Knowledge Centre is also taken into account. If, due to other work, the Knowledge Centre cannot spare sufficient time to respond to the question, the Knowledge Centre reserves the right not to address the question.

A period of seven working days is foreseen to answer the admissibility of a question. After seven working days at the latest, the applicant will know whether a question will be further investigated.


The Knowledge Centre has a wide range of workshops and training courses on ethical, legal and social aspects of data-driven applications and AI.

You can find our complete offer on the overview page of our workshops, lectures and training courses.

Contact us with your question if you are looking for another type of workshop, lecture or training and we will investigate whether we can meet your demand.


The Knowledge Centre strives to support all stakeholders, under the condition that the work it produces is reusable for affected sectors and policy areas. Questions with potential policy-related consequences will be reported to the funding authority prior to processing.

The legal information provided by the Knowledge Centre Data & Society cannot be regarded as individual legal advice. This information cannot replace advice from a legal expert. Although the Knowledge Centre Data & Society aims to deliver correct and accurate documents, it is possible that the position they contain is not applicable to a specific situation; is not complete, correct or up to date; or does not correspond to the position that a court or a supervisory authority might take. Therefore, the Knowledge Centre bears no responsibility for an organisation's compliance with applicable legal requirements.