Open Call for Summer blogs


So far, 2023 proved to be a particularly busy year for AI and privacy specialists, technical experts and opinion makers! The Knowledge Centre Data & Society tries to crystallise and comment on the most important trends and evolutions in these lively debates, without losing sight of what is really going on.

As usual, this summer we would like to give you the opportunity to draw attention to a topic yourself, by means of a guest contribution in our 'Summer blog' series. Are you working on an interesting project? Do you need help with a research project? Would you like to share a short opinion or rather a real longread? Do you want to highlight a new initiative? Have you published a book? Are you harbouring a burning annoyance? Then let us know by 1 July 2023!

Rules of the game:

  • We expect your submission to match the interests of our followers and the topics we cover (ethical, legal and social aspects of AI)
  • We accept pieces in Dutch and English
  • If your proposal is accepted, you keep to the submission date as agreed with us
  • We are certainly willing to think 'out of the box', but we are a Knowledge Centre, not a conspiracy outlet- make sure your submission is substantiated!
  • We do not publish purely commercial content
  • Your writing style is suitable for the web: clear and in paragraphs, with an introduction and a clear structure. Avoid jargon and academic language and use hyperlinks instead of footnotes
  • There is no minimum or maximum length - just take into account the average (summer) attention span of your target audience
  • You provide at least two illustrations (royalty-free or cleared)
  • The full content of the text is published directly on the page, without attachments
  • We will distribute and quote your piece on our social media accounts, naming you as the author.

Need inspiration? Then be sure to check out what appeared earlier in this series.

Any questions? Comments? Feel free to contact us!



Gwen Franck

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