brAInfood: Important copyright considerations related to text-to-x generators

Date of publication: November 2022

AI models that create images, music, videos or other content based on a few keywords or a short description are gaining momentum (ChatGPT, DALL-E,...). Although these AI tools are increasingly being used, there are still many unanswered legal questions including many issues under copyright law.

In this brAInfood, the Knowledge Centre Data & Society provides a brief introduction to text-to-x generators and explains some copyright considerations related to the training of generative AI systems, the role of human contribution in the creative process and the output.

Content of the brAInfood

This brAInfood contains...

  • a short explanation about text-to-x generators,
  • an overview of several copyright considerations about the training, using and output of an AI-system within a creative process,
  • the role of the human in the creative process.

With brAInfood, the Knowledge Centre Data & Society wants to provide easily accessible information about artificial intelligence. brAInfood is available under a CC BY 4.0 license, which means that you can reuse and remix this material, provided that you credit us as the source.

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Thomas Gils