brAInfood: Will you join a Datawalk?

Date of publication: April 2022 / Date of updates: April 2024

A Datawalk is an accessible method to provide citizens with insight into the 'smart city' and to let them think about how (personal) data is used in this regard. In this brAInfood you can read more about the setup of a Datawalk and take a look at some examples of data sources that you can encounter in the city.

Content of the brAInfood

This brAInfood gives you an insight into:

  • what a Datawalk is;
  • why you could organise a Datawalk;
  • common examples of data collection points in the smart city.

Want to know more or create your own Datawalk? Have a look at the manual & cardset ‘Create your own Datawalk!’

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