Tool: AI Assessment Tool by AI4Belgium

Do you want to assess the trustworthiness of your AI application? Looking for ways to make your organization's AI systems more transparent, robust and trustworthy? This open-source AI assessment tool from AI4Belgium, based on the European Commission's ALTAI questionnaire, can help you do just that.

The tool was developed by AI4Belgium. AI4Belgium aims to position Belgium in the European AI landscape by focusing on stimulating the development of AI, in a responsible way.

  • For whom: multidisciplinary AI teams, product owners, developers, software developers, ...
  • Process phase: design, development, implementation, evaluation
  • System component: entire system
  • Price indication: free of charge

The tool

The tool consists of an online environment, which you can also host in your own online environment, where you can collaborate with others on the assessment of your AI system. Because the tool is open-source, you can also fully integrate the tool with your organization's existing processes and manage it, with all the data and assessments, yourself.

After logging in, you can create different projects and for each project you land on a kind of kanban board where all ALTAI values are listed. For each of the 8 values, the assessment questions are worked out as separate 'task cards' that you can move across the board from 'to do' to 'busy' and 'done'. By clicking on a task, you can find the sub-questions, assign the task to specific people, set deadlines and enter your assessments.

There is also the option to divide the tasks into the different phases of the AI development cycle (development, staging, production). You can also sort and filter the tasks and manage the team and roles via the cogwheel. At the end of the process, under "Checklist" you can find an overview of your score on all values in a spider web. You can also export this report to PDF.


Visit the tool

This tool was not developed by the Knowledge Centre Data & Society. We describe the tool on our website because it can help you address ethical, legal or societal aspects of AI applications. KCDS did provide advice in the creation of the tool, but the final elaboration and emphases are the responsibility of AI4Belgium.