AI System Ethics Self-Assessment Tool

Do you want to know how ethical your AI application is? The AI systems Ethics Self-Assessment Tool helps you to estimate four ethical principles yourself.

  1. Honesty
  2. Responsibility
  3. Transparency
  4. Explainability

The assessment is made using a questionnaire. This tool was developed by Smart Dubai.

Smart Dubai was founded to assist Dubai to make a city-wide smart revolution and they do this by being partners for entrepreneurs, the public and the academic sector.

What you should know before reading further:

  • Process phase: evaluation and iteration
  • System component: data, model, statistical method, application in its entirety, context and users
  • Price: freely available
  • Time indication: about an hour


This tool does not require much preparation and you can complete the questionnaire immediately. It may be that one person cannot answer all questions, it is best to do this with the entire team involved.

The tool consists of six parts, four of which explicitly deal with the aforementioned ethical values. It also consists of a detailed overview of the system and a results section. When filling in, you can choose from existing options, which makes filling in easier. Another plus is that it is possible to indicate existing risk mitigation options in the form.


After the self-assessment, you will receive a result that indicates to what extent you have met the proposed performance level. If you do not meet this requirement, you will receive tips on how to still achieve that level.

Waarden zoals benoemd
in de tool
  • Eerlijkheid
  • Transparency
  • Verantwoordelijkheid
  • Accountability
  • Transparantie
  • Diversity, Non-discrimination & Fairness
  • Uitlegbaarheid

The following ethical principles apply:

  • Honesty
  • Responsibility
  • Transparency
  • Explainability


AI System Ethics Self-Assessment Tool

This tool was not developed by the Knowledge Center Data & Society. We describe the tool on our website because it can help you deal with ethical, legal or social aspects of AI applications. The Knowledge Center is not responsible for the quality of the tool.