Course: AI and the labor market: digital transformation and workers


Ask a union or an employee what they think of AI and concerns will quickly surface. Will AI systems take over our jobs? Will our work be profoundly changed by these innovations? In this workshop, we'll take a closer look at the impact AI and automation have on employment and workers' rights. Afterwards, we will zoom in on the challenges a company or organization faces with AI and automation and how to make such a process of digital transformation a success.

Learning objective(s) of the course

  • Understanding the employee challenges that can arise when introducing AI and digital innovation into a company or organization and how to deal with them.

What we do

A staff member will reflect with you and your team on possible challenges to getting started with AI. Then, in groups, using a number of methodologies, we think about possible strategies to make the digital (AI) transformation go well. On which employees does AI impact and what are the effects to be anticipated? In what way can the company or organization deal with this and how do you achieve supported innovation in which employees are also central?

Time and costs

Workshop of two hours, with possibility for extension depending on the exact purpose and target group of the course. It is best for the workshop to include various profiles that (will) come into direct or indirect contact with an AI system on the work floor