Course: Legislation on data and AI


AI applications carry certain risks and therefore require an appropriate legal framework. It is therefore not surprising that national and European policymakers are increasingly looking at whether and what adjustments to these legal frameworks are necessary. The European Commission published a Proposal for an AI Regulation in April 2021. Although it will be a long time before this becomes binding, the Proposal already contains the outlines for the future regulation of AI.

This module will give you a bird's eye view of the existing legislation and the planned changes. The aim is not to turn you into a legal expert, but to explain which legislation might apply to your AI innovation project.

Learning objective(s) of the course

  • To know an overview of the existing legislation;

  • To be able to understand which legislation might apply to an AI innovation project;

  • Discuss some legal challenges (in consultation with a partner) such as liability, consumer protection, data protection, intellectual property,...

What we do

A staff member of the Data & Society Knowledge Centre will take you and your team through the legal landscape around data, algorithms, and AI. It is possible to refine this course according to your background and that of your team, or according to the purpose of the course. Are you looking for a general overview of the legal landscape around data and AI, or do you want to zoom in on a specific topic such as the GDPR? Please contact us and we will see what we can do for you and your team.

Time and costs

Course of one and a half hours, with possibility for extension depending on the purpose and target group of the course.