Workshop: Evaluating the accessibility of your service


You are developing an application for the government or an organisation that focuses on accessibility, but you do not know whether your application is accessible to vulnerable groups. Your client wants you to report on this and demonstrate that you are taking it into account.

Outcome of the workshop

  • An overview of steps to take during the development and implementation of your application that specifically take into account data and/or media literacy challenges and how to promote inclusion;
  • A summary report of this exercise.

What we do

A Data & Society Knowledge Centre staff member will take you and your team through your application and test it against personas that face an inclusion, data or media literacy challenge. It is possible to tailor this persona to a target group or to go broadly into this. This workshop is based on the digital inclusion card game of the Data & Society Knowledge Centre. In this teaser video you can get to know the digital inclusion card game better.

Time and costs

Workshop of two hours with (1) someone from your team who knows the target group and (2) the person responsible for the development and implementation of your application in an existing service, app or website.


Digital inclusion card game
Teaser video digital inclusion card game