Workshop: Identifying AI Blindspots


You want to do a scan to remove major ethical challenges from your application. You don't know where to start or what method to use.

Outcome of the workshop

  • You have identified the usual suspects of your AI application and you know how to investigate them further;
  • You have a list of possible ethical challenges;
  • You know some methods and tools to tackle the ethical challenges.

What we do

A Data & Society Knowledge Centre staff member takes you and your team through your application and tests it against the AI Blindspots cards. With these cards, you identify social, ethical and legal challenges for your application. You make use of the templates made by the Data & Society Knowledge Centre.

Time and costs

Workshop of two to three hours, preferably with a multidisciplinary team present.

Also for specific sectors

Besides companies and organisations that either develop or implement an AI system in their operations, this workshop can also be given to healthcare professionals. The Data & Society Knowledge Centre developed an AI Blindspots card set specifically for the healthcare sector.


AI Blindspots card set

AI Blindspots healthcare card set