Initiations into Artificial Intelligence for professionals (by AI Lab)


The AI Lab offers a monthly initiation into AI to support professionals in their transition to AI. These three-hour-long sessions are guided by an AI teacher from the AI Lab of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. These interactive initiations relies on pedagogical tools, games and a collaborative approach to demystify AI and identify the barriers, needs, and opportunities that arise for your business.

The inititiations are for decision makers, legal profiles, business developers, proejct managers, investors and independents. No technical or STEM background is required.

What can you expect from these sessions

√ understand the impact of AI for your industry
√ get an overview of the tools and methods
√ train yourself and/or your teams
√ be open to opportunities and change

The method

  • PLAY: a playful and didactic method using a collaborative game
  • LEARN: legal, ethical and philosophical considerations
  • DEVELOP: confronting algorithms, code and bias
  • EXPERIMENT: real-life AI demonstrations

A flexible format that allows you to learn the essential AI concepts to identify and determine your needs (recruitment, training, implementation…)

Dates and slots for the training

  • Monday, February 6th (13h-16h)
  • Wednesday, March 15th (9h30-12h30)
  • Thursday, April 13th (10h-13h)
  • Wednesday, May 23rd (10h-13h)
  • Friday, June 9th (9h30-12h30)


Early bird 95€ - Normal price 135€


VUB Main Campus Etterbeek
Pleinlaan 2
1050 Elsene
AI Experience Centre Pleinlaan 9, Floor -1

image by AI LAB