Webinar: Exploring 5 key topics under the EU AI Act - Part 2

14.03.2024 — 12:00‐13:00

The Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council laying down harmonised rules on Artificial Intelligence, also known as the AI Act, has been one of the most contentious regulatory EU-initiatives of the last few years. The text was adopted by the Council of the EU February 2nd 2024 and is due to be adopted later this year by the European Parliament. Significant textual changes are no longer possible and with the text publicly available, this is a good moment to take a closer look at what was actually agreed. In this second webinar, CiTiP researchers will explore 5 more key topics under the AI Act:

  • Prohibited AI-Systems: Which AI systems are prohibited under the AI Act?
  • High-risk AI-systems: When is an AI system considered high-risk under the AI Act?
  • Conformity assessments: Which conformity assessments are required to market or put into service a high-risk AI system?
  • Fundamental rights-impact assessments: When must an AI system undergo fundamental right-impact assessment?
  • Measures for SMEs: Which measures does the AI Act provide to support SMEs?

Online (Teams)

Keynote speakers:
Bilgesu Sumer, Victoria Hendrickx, Lydia Belkadi, Andrea Palumbo and Wannes Ooms.

This webinar is an initiative of CiTiP and the Knowledge Centre Data & Society, with the support of the research projects TANGO and UPCAST