brAInfood: How to develop responsible systems?

Date of publication: September 2022 / Checked if updates were needed: March 2024

Recently, the Knowledge Centre Data & Society published a competency model (in Dutch) that includes the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes of employees who sit at the design table and develop the technological innovation. The model "What qualifications are needed for responsible systems?" describes what competencies a team needs to develop responsible data-driven systems and AI.

In this brAInfood we present you the competency model and hope to inspire you with it. For more information about the competency model, we encourage you to read the model's explanatory document (in Dutch), where you can read more about the use, added value and structure of the model, and how it was developed.

Content of the brAInfood

This brAInfood contains ...

  • more information about the purpose, target group, structure and use of the competency model;
  • a sneak peak of the competency model;
  • a link to the explanatory document, with more information about the competency model and how to use it.

With brAInfood, the Knowledge Centre Data & Society wants to provide easily accessible information about artificial intelligence. brAInfood is available under a CC BY 4.0 license, which means that you can reuse and remix this material, provided that you credit us as the source.