brAInfood: How to take care of digital inclusion?

Date of publication: January 2022 / Date of updates: March 2024

What is this brAInfood about?

Society is increasingly digitising. To use a service, you are often referred to digital channels, such as when filing your tax return or booking a trip. But not everyone is able to benefit from the opportunities that the Internet offers and the increasing online provision of services. Those people risk being digitally excluded.

In this brAInfood, we explain what digital inclusion is and how you can take it into account in the development of your new product or service.

Why should I read this?

Are you developing a new product or service, and do you want to test whether the product or service is accessible to people who experience digital barriers? Then this brAInfood is for you. We give you more information about digital inclusion and give you some tips and recommendations on how you can take this into account.

The Knowledge Centre Data & Society developed a workshop [in Dutch only] in close cooperation with Mediawijs, the Knowledge Centre for Digital and Media Literacy and of the Flemish Government and imec vzw. With this workshop, together with your team or partners, you discover step by step how digitally inclusive a service or product is. Using profiles (personas), you gain insight into which thresholds users experience. You then form a team of developers together to make the service or product more inclusive.

What can I find out when reading this?

This brAInfood gives you insight into:

  • the concept of digital inclusion;
  • why digital inclusion is important;
  • tips and recommendations for taking account of digital inclusion;
  • more information about the Digital Inclusion workshop [in Dutch only]

This brAInfood was developed by the Knowledge Centre Data & Society in collaboration with Mediawijs.

Mediawijs is the Flemish Knowledge Centre for Digital and Media Literacy of the Flemish government and imec vzw. Mediawijs helps the inhabitants of Flanders and Brussels to use and understand digital technology and media actively, creatively, critically, and consciously in order to participate in our society.

With brAInfood, the Knowledge Centre Data & Society wants to provide easily accessible information about artificial intelligence. brAInfood is available under a CC BY 4.0 license, which means that you can reuse and remix this material, provided that you credit us as the source.