Cards for Humanity

Do you want to quickly test your product, service or concept from different user perspectives? With this simple and practical online cardgame, you can make a quick start on digital inclusion. Draw two cards and see if your product or system is usable and enjoyable for a certain persona.

The cards are designed by design studio Idean. They like to place the human central in their designs and with this tool they want to promote an inclusive design lens in all their projects.

  • For whom: ux designers, developers and software developers of user products
  • Process phase: design, development, evaluation
  • System part: interface and whole system
  • Price: free, workshop to be booked

The cards

Inclusive design makes sure that everyone has access to your product or service, and makes sure for everyone to use your product with pleasure, in every situation or context. The card set includes cards with people and cards with traits. By drawing both a people and a trait card, you create a random and specific persona. On the backside of the cards more info is given about what these traits might mean for the person dealing with it and how you can take that into account in your digital product.

The persona stimulates you and your team to test if this person would be able to handle your product, with pleasure. What could you change to make your product more user-friendly for this person?

You can easily draw a new set of cards or swap one of the two cards for another one. In that way, you can easily and quickly test your product against different personas.

There is not a guide available for a workshop, but you can contact Idean to hear their offer for a workshop.


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This tool was not developed by the Knowledge Centre Data & Society. We describe the tool on our website because it can help you deal with ethical, legal or social aspects of AI applications. The Knowledge Centre is not responsible for the quality of the tool.