Ethics framework of Machine Intelligence Garage

The Ethics framework of Machine Intelligence Garage consists of seven principles, each with a set of questions that can lead to a better understanding of how to deal with ethics in your design.

The Machine Intelligence Garage is part of Digital Catapult. The aim of this program is to help start-ups by providing access to computation power and know-how. This access should ensure that these start-ups gain momentum.

What you should know before reading further:

  • Target group: start-ups
  • Process phase: design, development
  • System component: data usage and processing, entire application, users, context of AI system
  • Price indication: freely available


Each of the seven principles is briefly described in the framework. Furthermore, the framework has also developed questions that you can follow so that you observe the principles sufficiently during the design of your AI.

The seven principles are:

1. Be clear about the benefits of your product or service.

2. Know and manage your risks

3. Be responsible with your data

4. Be reliable

5. Guarantee diversity, equality and inclusion

6. Be transparent and understandable in your communication

7. Keep your business plan in mind

These are not explicit ethical principles, but they can contribute to a more ethical AI system.


This framework gives you a good starting point to create a thoughtful ethical AI system. To be precise, this is more a reflection on your product. It is possible to do this exercise several times and document it, so that you can demonstrate how different ethical principles have been taken into account.

Waarden zoals benoemd
in de tool
  • diversiteit
  • Diversity, Non-discrimination & Fairness
  • gelijkheid
  • Technical robustness & Safety
  • inclusie
  • Accountability
  • vertrouwen
  • risico's


Ethics framework van Machine Intelligence Garage

This tool was not developed by the Knowledge Center Data & Society. We describe the tool on our website because it can help you deal with ethical, legal or social aspects of AI applications. The Knowledge Center is not responsible for the quality of the tool.