Workshop: Ethical innovation


Ethics in innovation is a difficult exercise for many innovators. Not because innovators do not want to be ethical, but because it is difficult to find the right approach. You cannot just do 'ethics', there is no check-the-box exercise for ethics. Ethics is a verb.

Outcome of the workshop

  • Providing you a number of logical evaluation and reflection moments in your innovation process;
  • You know some tools and methodologies to stimulate ethical reflection;
  • You know some work and action points for your specific application.

What we do

A Data & Society Knowledge Centre staff member takes you and your team through your application. Together you look at the current moments of reflection during the innovation process and you go deeper into how you approach these moments of reflection. Subsequently, the staff member will present you with a few methodologies and tools that can provide guidance for these ethical reflection moments. You will learn these methods and tools in the process, and we will give you the knowledge and tools to put together a workshop with your team to brainstorm about challenges and solutions related to data and AI applications.

Time and costs

The workshop takes about two to three hours.