European AI Week: Policy prototyping the AI Act: Transparency requirements

28.03.2023 — 14:30‐15:15

During this session of the European AI Week, the Knowledge Centre Data & Society will give a short introduction to legal design and present their next policy prototyping exercise in the data and AI field. They will briefly explain the concept of policy prototyping and discuss last year’s exercise. Subsequently, they will describe how they intend to develop prototypes regarding the transparency requirements under the AI Act this year and launch a call for interest to participate.

In case you are developing a data-based or AI product, or if you have specific expertise in making technology transparent, this session may be of particular interest to you.


14h30 Introduction & Welcome
14u35 Presentation Legal Design
14u45 Concept Policy Prototyping and results project 2022
14u50 Policy Prototyping project 2023: Transparancy requirements in the AI act & Call to action
15u05 Q&A