Learning Community meet-up 'AI and ethics in practice'

17.09.2024 — 10:00‐12:00

How to deploy technology in a responsible and fair way? Do you know the ethical questions around AI and data-driven applications, but are you unsure how to anticipate them in your AI or data-driven project? You are not alone!

Many organisations are aware of the ethical and legal pitfalls involved in AI and data-related innovation. But in practice, it remains a struggle to make those concerns part of your operations, and how you can address them.

In this meet-up of the Learning Community 'AI and ethics in practice', we stimulate the sharing of knowledge, experiences, best practices and questions between ethics officers, digital ethicists, AI ethics officers, and other professionals who are either directly or indirectly concerned with the subject.

Who is this Learning Community for?

The Learning Community focuses specifically on the application of ethics and social issues in the context of the development, implementation and use of data and AI applications. We therefore focus specifically on professionals who are in practice, in their daily work, dealing with the ethical issues surrounding data & AI.


  • When: Tuesday 17-09-2024

  • Time: 10h - 12h

  • Where? Online meet-up

  • Topic: TBA - have a suggestion? Let us know!
  • Language: English

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